... the charm of the lived experience, history and the signs of time ...

Fine Violins

Play the history of an instrument
... every instrument is the result of a story made of time, men and millions of notes. The personality of the instrument is therefore the result of those who created it, of those who played it and of the time that flows, inevitably ...

Normally I have a range of string instruments, of all prices and levels, with the possibility often to have the most beautiful examples of the Italian classical school.

Why buy from me?

  • All instruments are guaranteed and sold with a certificate of authenticity to protect your investment;
  • The evaluations are always up-to-date and attentive to the fluctuations of the international market;
  • You can keep the instrument under test to make sure it is the correct choice;
  • To investors I offer advice on which instruments and authors have the best potential to consolidate the medium and long-term investment;
  • In choosing the instrument I can also assist musicians with less experience to find the right instrument.

Why sell by me?

  • The tools have the benefit of being able to reach the large international market of musicians, investors and collectors;
  • Evaluations always up-to-date and attentive to the fluctuations of the international market as a basis for giving owners adequate assessments of the value of their instruments;
  • The instruments are sold with an agreed commission.

Contact me if you are looking for an instrument or if you want to sell one, I can help you.