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After using Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesù pattern for many years, I have developed a model that is very popular with violinists for both the aesthetic and functional aspects. This shape has a remarkable acoustic output and is very comfortable to play. The body lenght is about 35.45 cm long and the proportions are the traditional ones of Cremonese instruments. After many experiments and modifications, the definitive form used today for the construction of almost all the violins, guarantees the promptness of the emission, quality and range of the sound, ample dynamics of power and color of the sound. For this reason the violins find many appreciations from the best Italian and foreign musicians.


The violas are exclusively made on the form of Stradivari Mahler 1672 which has an original body length of about 41.3 cm. Over the years this shape has guaranteed a remarkable acoustic output and a tone very appreciated by violists, who find in it the right timbre for viola suitable for both classical and modern repertoire. The arching of the table and the bottom have been optimized over the years as well as the distribution of the thicknesses ensuring at the end always excellent results. The measure, which for some violists may seem “small”, does not penalize either the power, the carrying capacity or the timbre, but, on the contrary, it succeeds, in this form and with the constructive characteristics, to determine a practicality use, comfort, timbre, power and absolutely optimal dynamics. Some years ago, however, I have developed a Mahler shape of about 42 cm to meet the needs of musicians who prefer longer violas.


Three forms are used for the construction of cellos, all taken from original instruments. Andrea Guarneri, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini and the small form B of Stradivari. Although they are equally excellent for the ease of use, power and range of sound, they have very different timbral characteristics. The Guarneri one has a darker, rounder and “sweet” timbre, more baroque, one might say; the Guadagnini, while maintaining an excellent pastiness of sound, results to have a more aggressive timbre, probably more suited to a modern repertoire even if it is used by cellists regardless of the type of repertoire and always with excellent results. The “B small” is the one on which Stradivari has built some of his best cellos such as “Pawle”, “Feuermann”, “De Munck”, “Gardiner” and “Braga”. All three shapes have a body length of approximately 74.5 cm which does not penalize the acoustic result in any way.


All the instruments are made with the traditional Cremonese system of the internal mould  and the wood used are carefully chosen and best selected. Only red spruce of the Val di Fiemme is used for the belly and the maple for head and back coming from the Balkans and, more precisely, from a restricted area of ​​Bosnia which, due to its climate and soil characteristics, contains the best maple plants for instruments music. For backs and ribs of violas and cellos can also be used other typical wood of the Cremonese school as willow, poplar and pear.

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